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Web Quality Assurance

Do you know weak spots of your web site?

Performing Web QA we are able to tell you what are week spots of your website, in technical, security and organizational fields, so you can improve overall performance. You will get complete report on all checking points, rating from 1 to 10.

We are checking following sections of site:

  • HTML structure
  • Scripts
  • Page loading
  • Links consistency
  • Form testing
  • URL testing
  • Design ergonomy/Usability
  • Outer sources/links
  • Browser appearance
  • Mobile devices appearance
  • Overall appearance
In report we give short tips of what should be corrected to improve your site performance. You can see example of QA report (pdf) here.

We offer 4 versions of QA regarding site size:

  • Small site QA (up to 3 layouts and max 15 pages)
  • Medium site QA (up to 10 layouts and max 30 pages)
  • Large site QA (up to 20 layouts and max 60 pages)
  • E-commerce QA (up to 30 layouts and max 100 pages)
If you are not sure what QA option do you need, please send us link of your website to support email with "QA inquiry" in subject.